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Aerial Lift Equipment Lifting Expectations

Experience the power of our Aerial Lift Equipment - Elevating your productivity to new heights

Discover cutting-edge equipment featuring the latest advancements in technology

These versatile machines offer unmatched access to hard-to-reach areas with their state-of-the-art features and designs, our aerial lifts are built to provide maximum safety and efficiency, making them ideal for a wide range of industries and applications

Low Level Access Slab Scissor Lifts
Slab Scissor Lifts

Low Level Access

Equipped with a retractable guardrail system that allows for easy access into drop tile ceilings, dual laser pointing system for precise positioning, and a GVW of only 806 lbs (366 kg), the GMG Cub 10 is the premier machine for low-level access equipment. This model has an automatic Anti-Surfing system that prevents movement of the machine while elevated

Learn more about our low level access models

Discover i-Power - Our Award Winning Features

Elevate your productivity with machines that perform better, last longer, are equipped with more safety features, have the fewest parts, and are most durable. We invite you to experience the difference yourself.

3394 ERT - Electric Scissor Lift

ReGen Power

Using the motion of the machine to supply free power back to the batteries during deceleration

Power Take Off

Starting the machine in Hi-Torque mode then automatically switching to high speed to save battery power

Ramp Control

A GMG award winning “Most Innovative” feature that controls the machine speed when descending an aggressive grade

Variable Steering

The steering speed is now matched to the machine travel speed making a safer operation while saving valuable battery duty cycle, a GMG exclusive feature

High Torque Elevated Drive

The machine recognizes the height of the platform then allows for High Torque Drive to be applied in a safe manor so as to safely drive over extension cords and small debris while elevated

Overhead Warning System "OWS"

GMG's OWS detects overhead obstacles, warns operator in advance of impact with a solid alarm and stops elevation if necessary. Operator can choose to lower platform, continue with continuous beep warning or bypass with button

Elevated “Creep” Speed

By simply depressing a button the operator can now place the machine in “Creep” mode which takes the elevated drive speed from 0.8 km/h to a maximum of 0.25 km/h providing a much safer and comfortable operation while maneuvering around delicate obstacles

Positive Traction Drive With Traction Control

Allows the machine to easily drive through loose surfaces such as gravel, mud and slippery surfaces. Each drive wheel is independent from the other however if one wheel looses traction the i -Power system senses this and applies addition power to the other


While the GMG’s telematics system records and reports like any other, it also includes unique features such as Geo-Fencing, allowing you to set up a perimeter around the machine and receive alerts if it is moved outside of the designated area. It also gives you the ability to remotely adjust parameters such as Lift Speed, Drive Speed, Lift Height, Braking, all Motion Alarm, Lift Up Shut down (if customer is late with payment) and OWS on/off

Choose GMG Québec Inc for machines that are built to last

All products are equipped with the latest innovations and designs, providing our customers with environmentally friendly machines, longer duty cycles and less required maintenance. Excellent product support with 2 Year parts & service warranty as standard. In order to accomplish this, all components are of high quality and are extremely durable.

3394 ERT - Electric Scissor Lift

Power Up Your Work with the New Era of Aerial Lifts: Electric-Powered

Take your efficiency to new heights with our cutting-edge electric-powered aerial lifts. These lifts feature state-of-the-art technology that ensures faster, safer and more reliable performance for all aerial tasks. Electric power eliminates the need for fuel and maintenance, making it a greener and cost-effective solution for your business. Upgrade your workforce with the power of electric-powered aerial lifts and take your aerial work to the next level.

Electric Powered 4x4 Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

The Solution for Hard-to-Reach Areas Scissor Lifts in a Variety of Sizes and Load Capacities

These versatile machines are perfect for construction, maintenance, and repair projects, and can help you access hard-to-reach areas with ease. With a variety of sizes and load capacities available, there's a scissor lift to suit every need.

Contact Us for Any Questions or Assistance

Don't hesitate to reach out to us! Whether you have a question about our products or services, or simply want to learn more about what we do, we're here to help. Our friendly team members will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Needs

Upgrade your equipment with our financing service and grow your business. Whether you need a single piece of equipment or a full fleet, we can work with you to find a financing solution that fits your budget and meets your business needs. With our financing service, you can get the equipment you need to grow your business without breaking the bank. Let us help you get the equipment you need today, to take your business to the next level.

Hand holding a pen above a contract - Financing solutions

Get your lifts Delivered on time at your worksite

At our company, we understand the importance of timely delivery for your lifts and other equipment. That's why we offer delivery services to worksites all across Québec. Our team of professional drivers will ensure that your equipment is transported safely and efficiently to your location and arrive on time, every time.

What our customers are saying about us

CBRE Limited

As a building coordinator for a world class airplane engine manufacturing plant, we must operate with clean, stable machines and on which we can count in order to execute our work in white rooms and areas where the slightest object and dust must be checked. The product you advised me corresponds to our needs in every way. Especially since the sealed batteries without maintenance make us save time during daily inspections before operation and avoids risk of accident or spill. Our client is very happy that we have eliminated a risk associated with the verification and maintenance of these devices. The duration of the battery is also very surprising compared to the devices of other suppliers, it lasts on average 2 times longer. In short, thank you for your excellent advice and your reliable devices.

Patrick Vermette·Coordonateur aux installations immobilières

Navada Ltee.

I would like to thank GMG for the quality of their equipment. For us this addition in our daily life is a major asset, we no longer have a loss of time and we have a higher lifting capacity, stability and zero maintenance that equal to profitability.

Jean-Bruno Roy·

Bourque Construction.

Thanks to GMG for making an ERT 100% electric platform with advantages superior to competition with the lifting capacity of 2,600 pounds. We can now do more work in less time in the same day, Bravo.

David Bourque·

Cardinal Immotech.

GMG was a positive addition to our company. These machines have a performance greater than the competition on all points of use.

Daniel Cardinals·

SD Énergie.

GMG was a product that has brought a positive change to our company. Efficiency and performance. Thanks!

Mathieux Lavoie·
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